We offer a wide range of highly professional therapeutic services which will help you to be all the person who you need to be.

  • We will work with you as an individual in one to one counselling.
  • Low mood? Anxiety? Trauma? We will work with you to find peace and healing.
  • We will work with you as a couple in relationship counselling.
  • Are you going through separation or divorce? We can help.
  • Trouble with your ex? We are here for you.
  • We will work with you as a family
  • Family problems? We will work with your whole family.
  • Stepfamily, or blended family? We can help you consolidate your relationships.
  • Sexual problems or difficulties? We offer counselling with a sexual focus.
  • Domestic abuse? We offer couple counselling in safe-mode where we target harmful behaviours.

Depression and low mood 

Depression is not rare; one in ten of us experience it at some time in our lives. We don’t want to be around friends and family.

Sometimes we can’t even put a name on what we are feeling but it affects us and the people around us. Everything can seem too much, even everyday tasks seem difficult and we struggle to get through them. You may even feel that the burden of depression grinds you to a halt.

The Blues, feeling down or feeling low; they are all ways of talking about types of depression.

However, you describe these feelings, getting good help in time is important. We, as qualified counsellors can help you to feel yourself again, regain control over your life and accept yourself in a new and positive way.


If you or someone you know needs help, please get in touch. We can listen and support you, and those around you.

Anxiety and worry

Feelings of anxiety and worry are of often expressed interchangeably. The physiological responses resulting from worry and mild anxiety can actually be beneficial. Preventing us from excessive risk-taking or carrying out impulsive acts before evaluating them. It helps us to get in touch with our intuition and assess our well-being.

Excessive feelings of anxiety and worry impair our ability to function. It can impair work performance, the ability to socialize and in turn negatively impact our relationships. Experience of panic attacks is also very common, the results of which are incredibly unpleasant and debilitating.

Our counsellors will help you to face your fears step by step. To regain control of your life and learn to understand this feeling, putting your anxiety into context. Through counselling, we aim to help you to find a renewed confidence and self-esteem.


There are so many types of trauma, it is difficult to name them all. The obvious is trauma from war and violence. But, we now know that women survivors of domestic violence experience precisely the same symptoms as soldiers returning from combat. Then there is also the complex trauma of children victims of abuse and sexual exploitation within the family, in care, or by strangers. Sadly, this experience is not as rare as once thought. Three out of every four people report having experienced some kind of trauma.

Survivors of trauma (or, PTSD as it is sometimes called) tell us of feeling disoriented and helpless. If we cannot recover well from trauma, it leaves us feeling hopeless. The meaning our lives once had becomes distorted. Everything seems chaotic, in our lives and in our heads. Everything feels unreal. I can’t even get a sense of me being real. Survivors can feel isolated and that no one understands. It becomes difficult to trust. It has a significant impact on our relationships, sometimes even destroying them.

So, here at Firth Counselling, we offer trauma-informed counselling. In working with you, our focus will be to help you recover your sense of self. We will help you reclaim your relationships, your life and your future. Our counselling passes through a number of stages:

  • Normalising reactions to trauma (as strong as they might seem).
  • Stabilising emotions
  • Getting understanding
  • Being understood
  • Healing relationships
  • Consolidating life’s direction
  • Finding new meaning

We will walk with you to a new and satisfying future.